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About Kaufman Engineered Systems

Kaufman Company History

For over 70 years, Kaufman Engineered Systems has been a pioneer in complete line automation. Starting as a designer/manufacturer of heat treat furnaces and shrink ovens, we’ve become an international leader in the fields of robotic palletization, stretch wrap systems, conveyor systems and custom engineered solutions.

Today, we have a reputation for our single-source convenience, responsive service, and unmatched equipment performance. Hundreds of successful companies have chosen Kaufman Engineered Systems as their single source manufacturer for complete line automation.

Why Choose Kaufman?

  1. Stability – With 70 years of serving our customers, Kaufman is poised to forge the way into the future with superior products and service.
  2. Quality – Head to head, no one can match Kaufman’s durability and robust construction.
  3. Support – With 24 hour service support, you can count on
    Kaufman to be there when you need us most.
  4. In House Design and Manufacturing
    Full staff of electrical, mechanical and robotic engineers to design the equipment to meet your needs.
  5. Commitment to Excellence – Each and every customer is important to us. Each customer’s needs are thoroughly analyzed and reviewed by our engineering staff to find the most efficient, cost-effective solution.
  6. Your Turn-Key Provider – From fabrication to installation and start-up, Kaufman is there to support you.
  7. Improve your Bottom-Line – Whether it’s shaving a few seconds off cycle time or squeezing 30% space out of your plant layout … we are committed to improving your efficiencies and operating costs.



Fanuc high speed case packing robot
FANUC M-10iA Case Packing Robot

Custom Built Roller Conveyor
Custom Built Roller Conveyors

Dual Load Stacker
Dual Load Stacker

From Robotic Picking and Packing, Palletizing
and Depalletizing, Stretch Wrapping to Conveying,
Kaufman is your Single Source for Complete Line Automation.

Fanuc Palletizing & Depalletizing Robots
As an authorized systems integrator for Fanuc Robotics, Kaufman Engineered Systems is proud to offer the very best in robotic technology. Our end-of-arm tooling designs are tailored around your specific requirements.
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Automatic High Speed Picking and Packaging Robots
Create flexibility and decrease downtime by integrating a robot for packaging versus mechanical options. Various product packaging capabilities with adjustable end-of-arm tool solutions based on product shape and orientation.
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Stretch Wrapping Equipment
Kaufman offers a complete line of stretch wrapping equipment including our K-Force R35 and R35H series rotary arm wrappers and our K-Force T15 and T15H series rotary table wrappers. Click to read more >

Feature for feature, Kaufman conveyors are simply the most durable conveyors available today. Whether it’s standard roller deck conveyors, belt, case, chain, hi-low, lift and turn, transfer car, mat-top chain, chain to roller, turntable transfer or custom, we have a conveyor to fit the application. Click to read more >

Material Handling Equipment
As an expert in line automation, Kaufman prides itself on manufacturing customized equipment to suit your system requirements. Our product range includes: pallet dispensers, dual load stackers, poly sheet dispensers, pallet to slip sheet transfers, top corrugated sheet feeders, top frame dispensers, corner board applicators, and much more. Click to read more >



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