KRLV1 Collaborative Robotic Labeler with Vision Verification

Kaufman Engineered Systems automatic end of line labeling system utilizes a FANUC CR-7iA/L Collaborative robot which can easily be added to existing palletizing and stretch wrapping lines.

With the use of FANUC iR vision, the label is scanned to verify placement and correct position. The label presence verification scan assures that the barcode is present and can be read if needed for data transfer to WMS or other unit operations.

This compact system has the reach capability of applying labels to two adjacent sides that allows labels to be placed on a single high load and a double-stacked load which eliminates your need for multiple labelers with one solution. The Fox IV labeler has the capability of dispensing pre-printed labels or printed labels with the Zebra print engine for your specific needs.

Kaufman custom end of arm tooling with distance verification provides safety to the operator and is used to determine how far the tool is from the load. When in close proximity to the load, a dual-check-safety (DCS) zone is enabled as the label is applied.

This system lends itself to layouts where space is at a premium and allows operators to work nearby which eliminates the need for safety fences.

Kaufman Engineered Systems automatic labeling system can be customized with controls that meet the individual needs of each application. Additional features available include operator screen for label field entry, system diagnostic feedback and fault recover, and ancillary equipment control. This system features Allen Bradley PLC and programming on the Rockwell RSLogix platform.

How can Kaufman Engineered Systems help you? Let our over 70 years of knowledge and experience assist with your end of line automation needs.

Kaufman Engineered Systems is a premier integrator for FANUC robotics offering robotic palletizing, depalletizing, case packing, high speed picking and labeling. In addition, Kaufman manufacturers their own line of stretch wrapping, pallet conveying, pallet stacking, pallet dispensing and other material handling offerings. Couple all this with in house controls and Kaufman has the complete solution. Let us help you create your next end of line solution.