Kaufman Engineered Systems KPal K5 Group - A Full Layer & Bulk Robotic Palletizing System

Robotic Palletizing System for Glass Bottles

Robotic Palletizing System for Glass Bottles

Full Layer Bulk Palletizing System for Glass Bottles

Flexible and reliable palletizing solutions for containers, cases, bundles & trays.

The new Kaufman K5 Group of palletizers is designed specifically for full layer and bulk palletizing needs. This series features a tier formation area that organizes products before palletizing. This process provides a unique combination of control and product flexibility.

  • Containers: Plastic or glass bottles, the K5 Group excels. Bottles are laned into position then, utilizing our K5 tool, large quantities of containers can be palletized in one full movement.
  • Cases: The K5 Group has a dedicated tier formation area that arranges products in the proper orientation to build the load for maximum stability.
  • Trays & Bundles: Products are palletized onto display-ready pallets. The K5 tier formation area can robotically orient products with the correct side out, which is important in the retail market. The K5 tool picks up an entire tier of products or a tier of multiple bundle-packaged products to palletize layers rather than placing individual cases or bundles.

Example Configurations of K5 Systems

KPal K5 Full Layer Palletizing System

KPal K5 Full Layer Palletizing System

KPal K5G (Glass) and K5P (Plastic)

KPal K5G (Glass) and K5P (Plastic)

KPal K5P1 (Paper) and K5S (Spatula)

KPal K5P1 (Paper) and K5S (Spatula)

The images above are representations of how each system might be laid out. The actual configuration of each system is customized based on the unique needs of each customer.

Videos of KPal K5 Systems in Action

Kaufman KPal Full Layer Bulk Glass Palletizer System

This system utilizes three FANUC robots along with a strapping station built into the palletizing cell.

Kaufman KPal V Palletization System with TCar and KForce R20 Stretch Wrapper

Fully automated, centralized robotic palletizing system with a high-speed TCar and KForce stretch wrapper.

Kaufman KPal V Case Palletizing System

Full layer bulk palletizing for cases. The system also incorporates a KForce Corner Board Stretch Wrapper.

KPal K5P - Plastic

Kaufman KPal K5P full layer, bulk plastic palletizing system.

KPal K5G - Glass Bottles

Kaufman KPal K5G full layer, bulk glass bottle palletizing system.

KPal K5 - Full Layer Palletizer

Kaufman KPal K5 Full Tier Case and Tray Palletizer, automatic stretch wrapper, in-line dual load stacker, and robotic labeler.

KPal K5P1 -Spatula

New full tier spatula end-of-arm tooling on a FANUC 410iB/450 robot, picks cases, open trays and bundles.

KPal K5G Bulk Glass

Fanuc Robotic full layer glass bottle and case palletizer and case depaletizer.

KPal K5 Group Standard Features

  • Allen Bradley Components Including CompactLogix, ControlLogix, GuardLogix PLCs, Powerflex 525 Drives, and Panelview Interface Screens.
  • FANUC Robots.
  • Kaufman Engineered Systems (KES) manufactured end-of-arm tooling.
  • Fortress "T" guard trapped key gate switches.
  • Smartscan light curtains.
  • Axelent safety fencing and access gates.
  • KES risk assessment.
  • CAT-3 electrical safety circuit with dual channel self-checking relay.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • KPal K5 Group Options

    Choose among a huge selection of KPal Options:

    KPal K5 - Industry Targets

    The KPal K5 Group of Full Layer Palletizers can be tailored to your industry. We offer custom solutions to a wide range of industry applications.

    Industries we serve:

    • Food
    • Beverage
    • Building Products
    • Paper
    • Plastic Container
    • Glass Container
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Personal Care
    • Health & Beauty

    Our Robot Line Integration Expertise

    Over 75 Years in Business

    In 1995 Kaufman Engineered Systems designed and released their first robotic EOAT (end of arm tool) to bulk palletize glass and plastic containers. The goal was to build a tool that could accommodate palletizing a full layer of containers and distribute dunnage including pallets, tier sheets, and top frames. 26 years and 5 revisions later, the patented Kaufman K5 EOAT is a simple yet effective solution for palletizing many products including cases, trays, bundles, and containers.

    Combining the K5 EOAT with Kaufman’s 75+ years of material handling and stretch wrap equipment offerings along with 26 years of partnership with FANUC Robotics, we offer complete end-of-line system solutions. Kaufman Engineered Systems is the designer, manufacturer, and integrator. Our Kaufman team installs, starts up, and services your new system at your facility. This provides our customers with a single point of contact and one company they can rely on to get the project executed.

    Service and Support

    FANUC Integrator Logo.png

    As a level five Authorized Systems Integrator for FANUC Robotics, FANUC's highest level of attainment, Kaufman Engineered Systems applies FANUC robot technology to provide customers with complete end-of-line system solutions.

    The solution may be as simple as a dedicated palletizing cell or as complex as a multi-line handling and palletizing system. No matter how big or small, Kaufman Engineered Systems will address each project and customer with the same integrity and professional response.

    With each KPal system comes Kaufman Engineered Systems service and support. Backed by over 75 years of serving customers, Kaufman is a partner you can rely on to respond quickly and efficiently when having service needs. With your KPal palletizer, you will have service options to choose from if you wish to set up quarterly, semi-annual, or annual maintenance support with Kaufman Qualified Technicians.

    Kaufman Engineered Systems KPal Series Palletizers. Let us help you become a new member of our family. We look forward to working with you.

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