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Kaufman Engineering Systems KPal SW (Stack & Wrap) Group of Robotic Palletizers

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Flexible Palletizing Solutions designed to handle unstable products.

The new Kaufman KPal SW group of palletizers is a perfect fit for those applications where load stability is a concern. The Kaufman KPal SW group encompasses the best of both worlds: high-speed palletizing with an integral stretch wrap process to stabilize unit loads as they are built. This dynamic system allows the operator to react to case and bundle characteristics by choosing how many layers are built by the robot before the stretch wrapper incrementally wraps. Incrementally wrapping the load as it is built provides the ultimate in load integrity. No more worries about load transfer from the palletizer to the stretch wrapper!

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The KPal Stack and Wrap Systems are available in many models, including:

  • KPal SWV - Stack and Wrap Vacuum Palletizing System
  • KPal SWS - Stack and Wrap Spatula Palletizing System
  • KPal SWC - Stack and Wrap Clamp Palletizing System

View Video of a KPal Stack & Wrap System

Example Configurations of KPal Stack & Wrap Palletizing Systems

The images above are representations of how our KPal Stack & Wrap systems might be laid out. The actual configuration of each system is customized based on the unique palletizing automation needs of the customer.

See the KPal Stack & Wrap Palletizing System in Action

  • KPal SWV Robotic Stack and Wrap Palletizing System

    Kaufman Stack and Wrap Vacuum end of arm tooling system.

KPal Stack & Wrap Palletizer Group Standard Features

  • Allen Bradley Components Including CompactLogix, ControlLogix, GuardLogix PLCs, Powerflex 525 Drives, and Panelview Interface Screens.
  • FANUC Robots.
  • Kaufman Engineered Systems (KES) manufactured end-of-arm tooling.
  • Fortress "T" guard trapped key gate switches.
  • Smartscan light curtains.
  • Axelent safety fencing and access gates.
  • KES risk assessment.
  • CAT-3 electrical safety circuit with dual channel self-checking relay.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • KPal Stack & Wrap Palletizer Group Options

    Choose among a huge selection of KPal Options:

    Robotic palletizing and stretch wrapping for your manufacturing facility.

    KES will configure your KPal SW palletizer with the most efficient end-of-arm tooling for your specific product. The KPal SWV group features our proprietary vacuum-style end-of-arm tooling for conventional sealed corrugate cases. The KPal SWV group features our spatula-style end-of-arm tooling for bundles or trays. All end-of-arm tool styles are available with the ability to pick tier sheets and/or pallets. With a long list of standard and optional features, the KPal Stack & Wrap group is sure to increase the rate of return on your equipment investment.

    Service and Support

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    With each KDPal system comes Kaufman Engineered Systems service and support. Backed by 75 years of serving customers, Kaufman is a partner you can rely on to respond quickly and efficiently when having service needs. With your KDPal palletizer, you will have service options to choose from if you wish to set up quarterly, semi-annual, or annual maintenance support with Kaufman Qualified Technicians.

    Let us help you become a new member of our family. We look forward to working with you.

    Complete line of KPal Robotic Palletizing and Depalletizing solutions.


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