Trusted Partners of Kaufman Engineered Systems

Explore our esteemed network of partners. This page is dedicated to showcasing the innovative companies with whom we regularly collaborate on projects. We rely on our partners to provide specialized solutions that enhance our custom robotic automation systems and services. Learn more about our partners' expertise in automation, material handling, and more, and how they help us ensure top-tier customer results.


McNaughton-McKay Electric Co.

McNaughton-McKay is an established provider specializing in electrical distribution, automation, and connected solutions. They offer a full line of products, ranging from pipe and wire to complex automation control systems, for everyone from small electrical contractors to large-scale manufacturers. They help enhance plant efficiency by...

FANUC logo.png

FANUC America Corp

FANUC America is a leading supplier in industrial automation, offering a wide array of robotics, CNCs, and motion control systems tailored to enhance manufacturing & distribution productivity. Known for their innovative solutions and comprehensive support, they help industries optimize operations and improve...

FORTNA logo.png

FORTNA/Material Handling Systems Inc.

FORTNA specializes in optimizing warehouse operations through automation and intelligent software solutions, enhancing efficiency and profitability. They design and implement custom strategies that adapt to unique business needs, ensuring sustainable performance across various industries.


Omni Metalcraft Corp

Omni Metalcraft has been a trusted provider of high-quality material handling components for over 40 years, specializing in solutions tailored for OEMs, distributors, and system integrators. They focus on delivering durable, performance-oriented products along with exceptional service, ensuring effective handling solutions across various industries.



Qimarox is a leading manufacturer of innovative material handling components, specializing in vertical conveyors and palletizing systems. Their advanced solutions are designed to optimize logistics processes in various industrial sectors, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

NorthAmCon logo.png

NorthAmCon, LLC

NorthAmCon designs and manufactures innovative 24V power-driven conveyors and material handling equipment, offering solutions that are easier to install, maintain, and operate. They cater to a range of specialized applications, providing quieter, safer, and more energy-efficient systems designed to meet the unique needs of various industries.


COVAL Vacuum Technology Inc

COVAL is recognized for its expertise in vacuum technology and automation, providing advanced solutions that enhance productivity, safety, and efficiency in industrial settings. Their extensive range includes innovative vacuum grippers and pumps, designed to meet diverse application needs across various industries.

Fox IV Tech logo.png

FOX IV Technologies

FOX IV Technologies specializes in designing and manufacturing automated labeling systems, providing innovative solutions for print and apply processes that enhance operational efficiency. They offer a broad range of products including label printers, applicators, and integrated systems, supported by comprehensive service and maintenance programs to meet diverse industry...


Ryson International Inc.

Ryson International specializes in high-quality vertical conveying solutions that maximize space efficiency and throughput in various industries. Their innovative spiral conveyors and bucket elevators are designed for reliability and modularity, enabling easy installation and future adjustments to meet changing needs.